15 December 2011

Interlude in Red (Rubber)

A new friend from San Francisco suggested i post a blog about what it is like wearing rubber, in public and in private from the point of view of a neophyte interested in trying rubber for the first time and who needs to know the special conditions required.   That sounded like an idea too good to pass up.

While I'm working on that, though, I thought I'd go ahead and post these pics from a recent dive trip into the desert.  It features a cool red drysuit I got off the shelf about 15 years ago.  It is rare anything fits me off the shelf but this one fit like it was cut custom for me, so I got it straight away.  Needs a few patches but the rubber is thick, heavy and squeezes tight against every muscle when submerged.  It is a compression that is most enviable.  The suit also inflates so you can float.  All in all, 5 days of the drysuit and I did not want to take it off.

Drysuit in Red

Suit Deflated

Suit Inflated

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