04 November 2010

It's a Start

Welcome! I've taken the leap and decided to give the blog system a try. I can't say how it will turn out, how often or what I will post but what the heck, why not. This blog is about rubber, specifically men in rubber, and more often than not about me in rubber and some of my rubber adventures. Some of you may know me better by my usual name, aqualaboy. I am often seen traveling in rubber clothes, wear rubber to work (underneath) or just plain sleep or work around the house in it.

I've just arrived in Chicago where I will help judge MIR, a major rubber title event. More on that next week and the experience of it, which should be interesting after having competed in more than one rubber title event in the past.

Scene from last year's MIR (2009). I think that's Tommy being dipped by that sailor.
Photo by aqualaboy.

The Theme of today's post is:


When you grow up in the snow like I did, rubber boots are a necessity but I wanted it to snow just to have an excuse to wear my green rubber boots to school, and then stomp in the slushy streets coming home. Since then I've accumulated a room full of rubber boots. What can I say? Heavy rubber boots are men stuff. They feel great to wear and look great.

Rubber japanese toe-boots, or Jika-Tabi (Tabi boots), by Earth Atom. They may look odd but with the right kind of toesocks can be comfortable and that rubber is exceptional.

Unlined rubber hipboots. Made in Germany by Blackstyle, they have an inseam of 40 inches and were sold as custom one-offs when the original purchaser failed to follow-through. My good fortune I guess!

Czechoslovak miners boots, "Siberian" from YellowCab (an online shoe company, if they are still in biz). They are very stiff, but with thick socks are a lot of fun, and I have a thing for yellow and black.

Doc Marten's. Photo taken in Oslo.


  1. Welcome to Blogger,Aqualaboy!

    Your new blog looks great! I have added yours to my favourite blogs http://frglee3.blogspot.com/,and you are very welcome to reverse link if you want! Hope you get LOTS of hits here,and looking forward to a great new blog,which knowing you,will be superb,I am sure!


  2. Donkey head in Rubber?! I love it!
    Is that something like a gas mask thing in front?
    Finally, where did you get something as wild and crazy as that?
    Rubber boots from Japan, where do you shop?

  3. wher can I find a pair of rubber japanese toe-boots by earth atom

  4. "Toe boots" from eBay or the web. As for the donkey head it's really an Anubis! Glad you like it tho.