03 September 2013

Rubber-pup Ranger: Out exploring

Rubber gimp-dog / pup Ranger (he's not sure yet if he's a gimp-dog or pup or both) went out on a romp at the Mephit Fur Meet this past weekend.  He met some really cute pups, had his first inter-pup play mosh, had some frisky time with a fine young pup, and got some interesting ideas for next year's Gummbalaya (more on that later!).   Here are some photos.  Note that Ranger had a wardrobe malfunction and had to use his back-up pup-suit, a short-sleeve polo.  He had soooo much fun!  He can't wait for his next outing, a pool party!

FYI: the hood is by Digger.

Raed all about Ranger's awakening in our previous post . . . 

Curious Pup
Ranger in the Grass

Pup Play Time