04 November 2011

Return to LA - A Diversion

Taking a break from my restoration of old blogs to report on current events. 

Lying awake at 6 am, my first full day without rubber in 3 weeks ahead of me, I can't help but think back on the past couple days of rubber intensity.  Spending another day on the train to California is another day well spent and the past 2 days wandering abut town have been just as good.  Did not do anything special on halloween cause I had to stay in and prepare some reports, but I did stay rubbered and meet some fine fellows.  Wore my black rubber skin gear on the train and here in town.  Got one really good compliment from someone but they looked a bit punk oriented so it was understandable they would like something edgy.  Otherwise the passengers were rather sedate.  The train crew recognized me as I take these routes regularly.  I think they look forward to it as a break from the routine of your average passenger.  Had dinner in full rubber and it was like I wasn't wearing anything odd at all.  Maybe Halloween had something to do with it and I did use that as an "excuse" once or twice.  

Walked into town to my favorite breakfast place and passed a guy loading boxes who said "That must be hot."  I of course replied "I hope so."  Went to Whole Foods to get some yogurt and stuff and love walking around in full rubber get-up in that store.  Even had dinner there.  Got a compliment or two.  Once again a stockboy asked "Isn't that hot in that?"  I of course replied in the usual manner.  It is the number one comment I seem to get.  Taking the Metro back into town was amusing.  People waiting for their stop trying not to stare for too long, not wanting to speak up. 

Had some shopping to do yesterday at Rubbellion and Syren.  Jeff at Rubbellion and I had lunch and we chatted about fetish and other things.  He is a great guy and he is working on a specific design for me.  Its kind of complicated, but if anyone can he can.  Went to Syren to see if anything new and met Eddie, the MC at MIR this weekend and he gave me a tour of the place, which is f'ing huge!  But then they deal with lots of fun merchandise too.  He had on a nice mummy costume for h'ween and I wish I had taken a picture.  Sorry guys.  Even went into the old army surplus store across the street and got a compliment from the clerk.  Anyway, I spend the next days in meetings before heading to MIR in Chicago (see my blog from one year ago where I talk about being a judge last year).  Two days without any rubber.  Grrrr.  I'll be back in it soon enough.  See some of you there!