19 March 2018

Blast from the Past: International Puppy #2, 2002

Three years is a long time and much has happened since the last posting; most good but some very bad (e.g., DT).  I apologize for the long absence as I've been working on a major project, but was blinding inspired this morning.  The Rubber gimp dog has been quite active and has a new look and all, but before this Rubber Dog posts more on his crazy antics and rompings, he wants to share these pix from 2002.  (I don't know why he is writing in the 3rd person but WTH.)  These rescanned photos (yes images were once recorded on acetate using organic polymers) are from the 2nd International Puppy contest and weekend in Houston Texas.  I think some have been posted elsewhere but I wanted to tell my part of the story today.

The event was the brainchild and effort of boy Patrick who was a great guy but already sick at this point.  He would pass away within a year or two of this and the event moved away up north (Dallas I think) where it went through a number of changes Rubber Dawg will leave to others to describe.  The International Puppy events were very important in the fetish community.  They gave credibility and visibility to a side of our natures that was very much in the darkness at that time.  Though sometimes used for play, puppy role playing was also sometimes used by masters to shame their boys or slaves in degrading behavior, and was rarely if ever seen in public.  How times have changed for the better!  

Puppy play can be many things to each of us but to this Dog it is a blessed and much needed release of the inner animal inside all of us, escaping the rigid confines that society and professional demands place on us all the time.  It is also a brief encounter with that simple, unbounded and unconditional love that we often perceive our dogs (and other pets) as receiving and giving and do not always find in our human lives, though I am well blessed in this regard.  Of course, any activity involving humans will inevitably involve interpersonal activities, occasionally leading to tensions or 'drama'.  Most of the time, however, the puppy community has been highly beneficial to its members by providing that explosion of joy and love, as anyone who has attended puppy romps at IML, MIR, CLAW, MAL and other events locally and nationally can testify.

Back to IPC#2.  My partner and I went to to this event ignorant of the 'human puppy' world.  We were blown away.  Boy Patrick (Nipper) and his group, the Lone Star Boys of Leather, had done a great job and put on a well organized show, one that was strongly supported by the community.  There was only one contestant, Pup Tim.  In those days there were not a lot of pups and they were more often shy about going public, but this pup did them proud.  I think if there were 50 contestants he would still have scored a perfect 100 and been top dog.  Well groomed, sleek and smooth, and perfectly trained, he commanded the floor with his firm posture and precise response to commands.  Cute as a button, too.  Wow.  

I have one regret about that weekend.  I did not get on all fours and nuzzle and play with this pup.  I thought about it, wanted to, but didn't want to scratch up my latex outfit.  It did not seem the right thing for me at that point, even though I recognized a great pup in this candidate and wanted to join him in romping.  The obvious lesson for any reader: think twice before saying 'No' to the true self inside of you.  If I had let go that weekend, my puppy side would have come out much earlier than it did, and who knows what else I might have accomplished.


boy Patrick at left

boy Patrick celebrating a great IPC 2 weekend