17 October 2012

way out west - again

Its 5 am and I'm wide awake, wishing it was easier to find time to write here.  Been traveling again, this time up the coast, wearing my full-body skin-tight latex (see pix) and hoping someone enjoys it.  Ya'know sometimes I wonder why I bother, what with the closet amateur paparazzi sneaking pics on their phones and not bothering to ask, the occasional sneer, and what-not.  But then you get those comments from random strangers about how they love the shiny outfit.  Or the couple who happens to get the diner car seat across from me in my black rubber polo and red rubber suspenders and then immediately starts chatting as if I was wearing nothing more than jeans and a T-shirt.  Or the young couple who asks if that suit breathes any and we both smile when I say "No," with a hint of enjoyment in my voice.  Or the waitress (why cant I remember what they are called now?) who can't get enough and wants to know all about the slick outfit and insists she would melt if she had to wear that!  Or the latex lady who gets on the transfer bus and thinks its fabulous I go out in latex in public (she wasn't of course but tells me she is a minister and marries couples in her white latex.)  Kinda makes it all worthwhile, aside for the fantastic feeling of being in tight skin-grabbing, muscle-massaging, ass/crotch accenting black and red latex 24/7 for a few days.  You wonder what people are thinking and hoping there are a few guys passing by thinking "that's hot."  Here are a few quick shots (okay I love a hot ass in tight rubber, even if it is mine), while I prepare a lengthier report on recent eurotravels.  I'll have more from this trip on my next leg this weekend.

Something remembered as I put on my latex underwear for the day.  Asked last weekend "why I wear it," I replied "you only live once."  If it is something you love to do (and can do it prudently and with style), then there shouldn't be anything or any one stopping you.

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  1. may get to see it in a few weeks!

  2. LOVE this outfit! And of course love seeing you out and about in rubber is always nice.