01 January 2011

Gummbalaya III only 5 months away!

June 10-12, 2011
The Third Annual Gulf Coast Gummbalaya Rubber Weekend and retreat for men will occur in the fabulous city of New Orleans. Meet new friends, relax by the swimming pool, stroll Bourbon Street, play in our fully equipped play-space. Rooms available now at off-season rates. For details see: http://www.lsrubber.net/gcg.html

30 December 2010

Rubber Underground

Carlzbad . . .
Sometimes I just feel like being a rubberman, and on my current holiday excursion the impulse to be rubber 24/7 has been overwhelming whether in public or not. With a guest from the caribbean in tow we headed off to that big canyon in Arizona, stopping at Carlzbad Caverns on the way. So what did I do? Put on a pair of rubber blue jeans, black rubber shirt, and a black rubber jeans-style jacket and headed underground. The caverns are about 55 degrees but with no breeze I was working up a good sweat soon enough. Most of the hike down is not very brightly lit so i was not obviously in rubber, except for the constant squeeking as I walked. Once down in the main rooms, the lighting was brighter and it was obvious what I was wearing but noone gave me any grief. After that, it was pile back in the car for Roswell, where I tried to be a rubber alien (but got no pix), and then up north for a few days. All told, a nice day to be in rubber. All part of my 4 weeks of rubber (starting Dec. 9, spending part or all of each day in some form of latex gear. Next blog, hiking around the big ditch . . .