10 November 2011

Chatting with Derek Bishop

Unexpected discoveries are sometimes the best.  You put yourself out there and meet some great guys and then something different comes along out of the blue (or black).  When Derek Bishop followed me on twitter and I followed back I wasn't expecting much, but a published musician curious in my peculiar adventures was an intriguing novelty.  With the near-insanity of my travels the past few weeks there wasn't time to listen in to his work, but suddenly a few days ago I find myself in a conversation with Mr. Bishop chatting about common interests (in?  well . .   heck, check the excellent publicity stills below and you will see at least one reason).   He is out and likes leather and shiny clothes generally.  This got me to put my multitasks aside and give a listen.  My tastes are broad but very esoteric.  I like what I like, no more, so I'm hard to impress.  I've only ever really liked two Madonna songs (gasp!).  Ever.  This was different.  I loved it.  Catchy and clever, too; innovative piano songs and similar genre (I'm not a music critic and can't even read sheet music so my descriptions are rather generic).  Google his name and you will find similar glowing but more descriptive reviews.  He is new on the music scene this year and likes to innovate and try new things.  Indeed.  So now I'm planning a visit to NYC area and hope to hang out together for a few days, maybe see a live performance.  We have even been exchanging ideas for music video concepts and attire.   How that works out we shall see but it's still a hoot to toss out crazy ideas and see where they land.   I hope to report more early this spring during my visit to the city.  In the meantime give him a listen when you can.  I rarely if ever make such recommendations but in this case I'm happy to do so.  If you like, tell your friends too.

Derek Bishop (pub. shots for "Resistance is Beautiful")