15 November 2011

Why I Like Rubber - 1

Some hot rubber backsides at MIR, Nov. 2011 - what's not to like?
Someone special to me once asked me if it was rubber that I love.  I answered him truthfully and wanted to share that reply with you, albeit in a somewhat more poetic manner than my original answer.   I may indeed be intoxicated by the smell, feel, look, sound, and even the taste of rubber, but there is one essential fact that perhaps some on the outside who wonder about the rubber fetish miss.  Put a piece of rubber gear on the floor or on the rack and it might give me some ideas or trigger memories of some hot encounter, but just by itself it doesn't mean much.  Rubber needs a man.  Rubber traps his sweat, his oils, his scent, his body heat activating the rubber's own powerful industrial scent and mingling with his own unique musky odors.   It stretches taut across his chest, his ass, his package, resisting muscle and flesh as they strain against it, rippling as he moves in the way only rubber does.  What rubber hides underneath it also accentuates by being both hidden and yet prominently highlighted as his flesh and muscle pushes back against the elastic restraint.  A man in rubber is very clearly a man, cradling and accentuating his male equipment in its distinctive pouch.  Seeing other men in rubber and wearing rubber myself reminds me every moment I am male.    
In short, rubber is nice but it doesn't really mean much on its own without a man to fill its empty shell, without a man's muscle and flesh to highlight and harden, without a man's scent to trap and amplify.  Perhaps a different way to describe it is to say that rubber heightens and amplifies those things that make a man what he is.  These things are difficult if not impossible to transmit in the virtual world of blogs and photo albums, a world without Odorama.  Yet images and words can bring primal sights, scents, and actions back to life in our memories.  Conversing with fellow rubberists, whether old friends or new, does the same thing.  There are better ways to say all this (editing anticipated) and we may come back to this topic later, but maybe some of the images we've posted here over the past year remind you of these things too.

a man who can fill a rubber suit - G-man from Atlanta

This poetic image from rubbery tumblr site brings to mind some of the reasons why I like rubber.  
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  1. Amazing BLOG, really enjoy all your posts. Fellow Rubber lover among other fetishes ;-P