22 October 2011

Recent Travels Part 5

The Prequel to my last post, "RECENT TRAVELS PART 6" which dealt with a week in Minnesota and Illinois and points in between, was a week to France!  Like a certain well-known director, these posts are coming at you essentially backwards, as I push back the cobwebs and restore memory function.  Rubber was somewhat limited on this particular trip due to other obligations but opportunities arose for rubber to express itself, particularly in the museums of Paris.  The first half of the week was in a smaller city on the atlantic coast before heading over to Paris, where you can be almost anything.  Because the weather had turned to a cool autumnal windy clime, I bundled up and wore a jacket, a nice compliment to the rubber.

The Musee d'Orsay forbade photography but the Louvre obliged and I took more than a few photographs.  Not much to say here except that I did finally wear the rubber, looking quiet normal and unobtrusive!   Wore a semi-formal rubber blue-jeans, and black polo shirt with a camel-hair jacket, removing the jacket when it got too warm.   The one thing that stood out was that it felt very good to be a rubberman in Paris.  At times I felt like one of those glossy black and metal statues come to life.  Okay, I'm no Adonis, but tight rubber usually flatters a man, and the rubber blue jeans do a decent job of that.

After the museum we took a river cruise and got some nice shots.  By the next day I was just too sick to get into the hot dank sweaty clingy tight rubber, so Champs Elysees and McDonalds and the rest, you missed your big rubber moment.  On the days I did wear it, Paris was oddly silent on the subject of my rubber in the streets.  It was a different story in northern Europe in May, the subject of a forthcoming and lengthy post later this month.

In the Gardens

 Under the Pyramid (2)

 Should have picked up this Calender!  ("Stadium Gods" - avail. online)

In the Louvre

17 October 2011

I'm Back! Recent Travels Part 6

Gad-zooks, has it really been April since my last post?  Yes work and life got really complicated this summer and maybe Ill share some of that someday but for now I have a brief respite and can focus on writing for a bit.  To clear the backlog of weblogs that have built up (yes, that makes it a "klog of blogs" and yes I did just say that), I will begin with the most recent events and work my way back to May.  

This blog is mostly a rubberman's travel tales, and the past two weeks were indeed given over to wide-ranging travel.  Returning home from Minnesota this past weekend I finally had a chance to relax from the unrelenting stress of the past month or so.  As soon as my official duties were completed I immediately jumped into the rubber pants and shirt I had stuffed into the trunk of the rental car and went off to the Minn. Institute of Arts.  I remember it well because I was really sweating struggling into the tight skin pants and shirt (all black except for the white piping) in the tight confines of the car.  Felt wonderful!  Although I went slightly conservative and threw on black dress slacks, it still felt fabulous to be out in rubber again.  The museum itself has some very nice male sculptures and included an encounter with a most curious squirrel.  I spent my last night in town sleeping in the same gear and even boarded the bus to western Wisc. to see my seester in it (though here I always dress down because bus travelers can be rather unpredictable).  

Seen in front of two historic downtown churches in Minneapolis (2)

Entering the museum

 a breathtaking work of art

 A curious squirrel.  Wondering what's up my pants i guess.  Rubber of course!

 Lime green or black . . . too many choices (2)

 Shower and then hit the sack (2)

Waiting for a bus (first word is "Think . . . ")

By the time I got to Chicago, I was itching to chuck the dull threads and show my rubber so I packed the pants, shined up the rubber and wandered off into the Loop to take some photos and test out the new lime green rubber boots I had gotten in France the week before.  The boots are amazing and I love them but all that walking gave me a blister on one of my toes.  Walking around the city was rather interesting as I mingled with the rush hour pedestrians hastening to their offices in their dull threads.  Whether I "disappeared into the madding throng" I doubt, but mostly it felt rather comfortable as I surged along with the soulless masses on their way to their daily grind.  I must have made for some interesting coffee break conversation.  Thinking on it now, there are more guys into suit 'n tie fetish than into rubber, so I was in a minority of many for sure!  I was most uncomfortable during the day with several small groups of what I assumed were students touring the Loop.  These groups often get that teenage group mentality mocking anything out of the ordinary, so I usually steer clear of them.  The highlights of the day were "The Bean," the giant reflective spheroid in the Park where I got some nice reflection images, and the Main Library, where I was treated like any ordinary patron.  I like libraries!  If the rubber reflects the silver image and then again, is this an "Infinite Reflection?"

Self portrait at "The Bean" downtown Chicago
At the Chicago Central Library (3)

Street scenes wandering about the Loop (4)

After a couple hours it was time to board the train home.  I got a sleeper compartment this time and was glad I did as the train was full and that makes for less comfortable travel and more agitated passengers.  Being alone in the compartment I felt free to let my rubber thoughts wander unimpeded, and boy was there a dam about to burst there with all the work I've been dealing with for the past month or so.  So up came the rubber and stim videos downloaded from a certain website and I just let myself feel the fullness (unrelieved) for a couple of hours.  It also felt especially nice to wake up to that same fullness and my anatomy strains to escape its rubber confines.  I need to get a sleeper car from now on.  By the time I got home it had been 3 full days in the same rubber outfit and sleeping in it again that night made it 4 days, and the pent up feelings came out in full force when I was able to hop into the hogsak finally on day 5 for a wild ride indeed, assisted by some highly focused paddling.  

Getting on board and relaxing on the train (4)