24 January 2015


Random Rubber Stuff as I travel the country, more than ever it seems.  I'm not just a pup but still a rubber guy who likes to wear it as he travels.   This large photo spread highlights RedRubberZanta's annual trek to SF during the holiday season.   Not much to say except it was rainy (darn, how he hates to get his latex all wet like that!), and the tourists and locals all seemed to enjoy it.

The above shots are all on the way to SF, including the decorations at LA station.

having a treat at Ghirrardelli Sq.

Someone likes riding Cable Cars . . .

And when shopping for self-prezzies?  boot store!  Wanted the shiny black and red boots but was really after the bottom pair, the rubber-coated Converse, immediately acquired.  yeah . . .

Pup About Town - Part 2

still catching up with new posts!  See the previous posts for more fun.  Pup also went to MAL 2015 just last week.  He arrived 15 minutes too late to join the Puppy Mosh.  aroooo!!!  (sad puppy eyes).  But got to hang with Figaro, Tripp and a couple other pups on his brief outing in the capital.  Ranger also got a good look at some rubber too.

Ranger has also been hanging out around the 'hood, too, or when local pups come to visit, as in these shots below.  He will even wear his collar out in town on some days.

Pup About Town - Part 1

This is the first of a couple of short catch-up posts reliving adventures from the past few months!    Last time I reported on my fun as a judge at the International Puppy Contest in StLouis last July.  Here are a few more pix from that. In March I will be in New Orleans helping judge for the first ever Southern Most Puppy Contest, hosted by NOLA-PAH!  There I plan to meet up with Pup Figaro and other new pup-friends for a fun weekend in the Big-Puppy/Easy.  Always a fun welcoming city but, as always, be careful out there puppies.

Scenes for IPC 2014 in StL last July.  That's me in the white and grey Pup.  The bottom two are contestant shots for Figaro, a fellow opera pup like myself.