25 January 2011

Going to LA 1: Rubbellion Grand Opening

Went to LA area on business and by happy coincidence it coincided (is that a double positive???) with Jeff Gent's grand opening of his new offices for Rubbellion, his rubber/latex outlet on Melrose at Vermont. (His is one of the blogs I'm a follower of.) After a brief stop on the Hollyweird's Walk of Fame (more on that later), I tagged up with an old friend and we went down to check it out. Got there early but the place, which is not large, was soon packed. Met some great rubber men I haven't seen since, well . . . Chicago for some of them. Rubber dawg was there, too, a welcome surprise! More leather than rubber men showed up but I guess we can't be too picky (grin). Next post will include some of my rubber travel exploits from this trip. Here are some photos of the hot rubber guys who attended.
Some of Rubbellion's works, including one of Devil Dog's classic modified glove designs.

I definitely want to get fitted for a pair of these transparent leggings

Okay, I like rubbered ass, in black, white or any color.

A familiar puppy!

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