09 April 2011

Marc Jacobs rubberist!?!

My friend Tynan Fox posted a video earlier this week on his blog featuring an interview with designer Marc Jacobs in which it is revealed that he wears rubber and likes it!  I could only smile.  You see, I've suspected (or at least hoped for) as much for over a year now, since the day I saw a nice looking man walk by me in the airport terminal in shiny black books with yellow trim.  I had to ask him (after complimenting) and he informed me they were by Marc Jacobs.  I don't think I was able to get a picture, though I am still scanning my archives.  Unfortunately they were also the previous years model and this years boots all featured rather gaudy color patterns (they are nominally a women's boot).  Finally found out how to order the black/yellow model in my size (I hope) and with luck will have them shortly.  I will post pix if and when they show up.  
It's all part of a proliferation of designer rubber boots now on the market, from Hunter (at Nieman Marcus no less) to R. Lauren to Gucci and a few I've forgotten.  Most are a bit too feminine, with flowers and rainbows and such but a few are downright butch).  Leave a comment below if you can think of any other boots.  I check ebay sometimes prowling for bargains.  In the mean time, Marc, if you are reading this I'd like to shake your hand, because I'll be dressed in (blue) latex to the nines when I do!  Bravo.

Marc Jacobs in blue latex shirt (a clip from interview video)
 the rubber wellies that caught my attention in the airport one fine day

another Marc Jacobs boot, though I'd prefer them without the scrawl across that hot white rubber

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