19 November 2011

Why I Like Rubber - 2

rubberman on an art tour in Lincoln Park Chicago
Last post talked about why I like rubber from the point of view of a rubberman among other rubbermen.   This one is devoted to why I like wearing it as much as I do.   If one word sums up wearing rubber it is sensual.  Whether tight or loose, it feels very different on the skin than any other material.  It is confining or loose, slippery or sticky, depending on how you wear it.   Rubber's sensuality derives from its peculiar properties.  It stretches elasticly with you and yet resists, pulling back against muscle and limb.  Like a continuous touch massage clamped to the skin, it can feel like an symbiotic organic entity reacting to your motor input.  More than a few fantasies have exploited this aspect.  

Rubber's impermeable nature (it doesn't breathe) has several interesting effects.  I will focus here on longer-term wear but short term applies as well.  Rubber traps your sweat and oils, bathing and caressing the skin.  Skin and muscle slip and slide against the sweat soaked rubber, like getting a gentle oil massage with every movement.  Get my sweaty male anatomy rolling around in the slick tight confines of rubber shorts or leggings and I am good to go for as long as I like.  

Rubber also does some things other materials do not.  When the Sun hits rubber it absorbs the heat instantly like stepping into a finnish sauna.  This can bring soothing warm to a chill day.  At the same time rubber blocks sweat evaporation and body heat builds up if you are being very physical, like when gardening (or wrestling) in full rubber.  I love the feeling as my body heat builds.   I call rubber my personal walking steam bath and hot tub.   On the flip side, it also has NO insulating factors.  Walking out in the November cold of a certain northern city in full rubber is like a thousand small needles poking every square inch of skin as the wind and cold strip away the body heat.  Very sensual indeed.  This heat and cold is all very intense but for gods sake be careful!  Know your limits.  Extremes in heat and cold can only be tolerated by the body for short intervals, even by me.

Scene from MIR 2011
There are so many ways rubber stimulates the senses that I will attempt to describe only a few (see my new post #3 on this topic from Dec 16).  

I like the way rubber transmits and amplifies other tactile impulses to so many other areas on the body (also why I prefer a massage in full rubber [see Dec 17th post!]) . . .

the way everything, especially the male parts, slide around and are stimulated in the dank sweat-soaked interior of the rubber . . . 

the way every ounce of skin and muscle works against the confining pressure of a tight rubber suit and becomes alive with its own energy as the rubber joins with you symbiotically, whether walking or working or . . . 

the way a pair of snug rubber toe socks gently massages each toe non-stop whenever I walk or stretch my feet, or a right-fitting pair of rubber slacks slick with man sweat rubs up against the thigh and ass as I walk . . .

the way that single bead of sweat trapped inside the rubber suit slowly trickles down the small hairs along the centerline of my chest or backside sending a shudder of electricity up my spine . . .
seen at MIR2011
the way I feel masculine and unique unto myself while wearing rubber in public, or one with the rubber brotherhood when with other rubbermen . . .
walking down the streets of Chicago with my fellow rubbermen
A special rubber play toy, the gimp (or hog) sack.
My favorite rubber device, this restricts movement, envelopes the entire body
& traps heat, sweat and moisture inside for a squirmy good time.
No other device brings all the joyous aspects of rubber together so well.  

I really wanted to be in there with this man and later on stepped in to help give him a good time.
I will add more as I think of them, but please feel free to add your own comments and experiences here and for other posts!


  1. wow - fantastic couple of posts: perfectly capture why rubber is such a fascination: and so amazingly erotic to wear.

    Thanks Anubis! :)

  2. Thanks mate! Thought your post was amazing too