16 December 2011

Why I Like Rubber - 3 (The Massage)

bootbrush recently posted a blog citing my "Why I Like Rubber" posts (Thanks Dude!) and provided some of his own excellent comments, which I highly recommend and am glad to have inspired!  He reminds me of some aspects I had deferred to later posts (thanks for the inspiration, keep it cuming out there guys!  Comments welcome).  One of the things he says is:

"it transmits heat and touch so perfectly - yet also seems to amplify it so that every stroke of His hand can ripple across your entire skin in shuddering waves of intimate heat."

This is so true.  When describing rubber to strangers or neophytes or curious friends, one of the things I tell them is that some of the best massages are in a rubber suit.  In the hands of a good masseuse (or partner), aided by a lubricating silicon oil, the rubber can radically amplify the energy of a massage or any sensual play.  I am in a tight rubber suit as I write this and wishing I was getting a massage instead, but I digress.  The taut rubber transmits the frictional and body heat from his hard muscular hands over a wider area.  The constant shifting from cold rubber to hot rubber as his hand moves across you only serves to remind you of his masculine presence.  The elastic tension of the rubber ripples across the skin as he presses in against your flesh, sending "shuddering waves" all across the body as the slick rubber pulls and slides back and forth.  I get into "the zone" during a rubber massage when I start feeling the rubber tug on my skin, or when the rubber pulls across my ass or digs into my crotch as he works my back and shoulders.  I'm getting aroused just thinking about it.  

I described earlier how a trapped bead of sweat trickling down the centerline of your chest or ass can set off tingling shudders of electricity up and down your skin as it slowly rolls down and triggers those ultra-fine hairs that you sometimes forget you have.  Yet it remains your secret pleasure hidden under the rubber.  Another secret pleasure is when the rubber adjusts itself while you are at rest.  When a fold in the rubber slowly crawls up the skin as the rubber readjusts to your new position, it is like a ghost giving you a touch massage.  It gives me a shudder every time.  In fact that's a good name for what rubber does when you move, walk, play or roll round with another rubberman: a ghost massage.

More reasons why we rubbermen say that rubber is probably the most sensual gear you can wear.

Gratuitous rubber shots:
Loose fitting rubber camo gear, cut with enough room in front to accommodate extra growth.

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