05 November 2012

chicago again 2012

Resting at my hotel recovering from MIR weekend, again, hoping this isn't the last night of freedom and sanity in the USofA.  Time to write up the story of the weekend.  I'll be brief, hitting the highlights so we can get to pictures.  There were some very interesting and unexpected reactions on this trip so will talk about those.

Left town on the train in 85 degree texass heat headed for 45 degree illinois cold, dreading it but at least there was no wind this weekend.  Train and taxi to the hotel were routine.  So before we get to Chicago rubber you gotta go through the usual rubber travel pics first . . . 

Please reference Rubber Anubis if reposting any pics.

 all aboard me!

Sometimes the light hits the rubber just right . . .

As expected, chicago was cold.  Hopped the subway and headed to the venue center.   As I got off the subway a middle-aged man with his young son quipped as we passed, "Amazing outfit man, I'm loving it".  We smiled.  Walked a few blocks to the center.  Rubber in the cold feels like a thousand tiny needles poking you everywhere.  Very stimulating and sensual but not healthy for long term exposure.  As expected, lots of hot guys in rubber.  I will let the pics do the talking but as usual was most attracted to tight ass in rubber.  I helped out in the demo area and got into it for a while with some of the gimp sack volunteers, wishing I was in one.  Later that evening I was a ticket taker at the door and had some fun with that too.  Threatened to throw some miscreants out the door!  
Almost forgot that I worked the Gear Swap for a few hours!  That keeps you hopping!

thats me behind the gentleman

Rubber Inuki (2nd place)
If this don't win an award for best picture, there is no justice.
(I don't seem to have any pics of RubberJason, but still plowing through archives... met up with him later and have to say both of these guys are really cool)

Rubber hits the roads, of Chicago

really nice . . .

look at the cute puppies!


subway rubberman

joined in on this fun moments later . . .

"Happy Fun Ball", with free lubed up rubberman inside!


friends, friends, friends!

"Ho . . . "

Saturday was pretty much a repeat of friday, all good rubber to see with a good 3-way on the demo floor with a hot dutchman.  Watched the contest from the lobby tho I missed the grand finale which apparently involved a recreation of the food fight from Animal House.
Sunday saw a trip to the art gallery, where I encountered unusually strong reactions to the rubber.  I was wearing plain black tights and a transparent brown polo. Quotes of the day include: "That's so artistic they aught to put you on display!" "Can you bend over in that?" and from one of the art guards, "I am loving that outfit."  I smiled and replied appropriately in each case.  The kick-ass moment came as I had one leg up on an bench (which was frowned upon by the staff) and was checking for phone messages, not moving.  Lady came up to me and said, "I have to tell you, I mistook for one of the art pieces until you suddenly moved!"  You dream about moments like this, just can't make this stuff up!

"To the Art Gallery, Robin! Fast as Lightning!"

"Ya know?  I think that guy behind me is staring at my ass."

trying to leave an impression . . . (groan if you want . . .)

a surreal day at the gallery

"Don't look, Sid.  Just  . . .  don't look."

Final trip to the vendor mart on Sunday where I got a nice invitation I will blog about later.  Met up and hung around with lots of guys.  Stayed around to help with dismantling, where I got my workout of the week tearing sh*t down.  Grabbed a quick bite down at the Market on the first floor, where I was seriously and persistently propositioned.  His apartment was across the street apparently.  Although modestly attractive, there is little prospect of my going to bed with this or any stranger, or anyone really without my hubby along or unless its completely covered in rubber, thats the way we are and we are quite happy to be so.  Still, I kinda wanted to . . .  Finished off the weekend at the video bar where we all sang Mommie Dearest and other show tunes.  Great fun!

Riding the subway that night (cause my hotel was near center city this year) produced its usual quota of lookie-loos and shadow paparazzi camera hounds, few of whom asked.  There was one young man who got on and stopped in this tracks with this grin on his face and couldn't take his eyes off (I had on a red knit hat and the red rubber jacket with black tights).  He was cute and obviously fascinated by it all but quite stunned.  I had to get off at the next stop, but it was nice to make his day.

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