05 April 2011

Scissor Sisters in Concert, Me in Rubber

I don't blog as often as I'd like and have 3 or 4 waiting to be written (including the Red part of my White, Blue and Red latex series), but wanted to post this one while it was still fresh in my memory . . .

Went to see Scissor Sisters in concert yesterday and as with all things I do, I dressed in full latex.   Before I talk about the show I should note that my expectations were a little different.  Haven't listened to much new music in the past decade or so, finding the quality of rock and roll to have declined somewhat over the years.  I went for the fetish aspect and here I can credit ruffsstuffblog for piquing my interest in the band, its style, and front man Jake Shears especially, who leans strongly to shiny tight fetishistic gear onstage.  Hadn't really heard much of their music but always interested in something new.   

Being a workday Monday night my mates decided to stay home and go to bed early but I sucked it up, slid into my 30-hole black boots, black / white stripe pants and Fred Perry shirt and went into town.  Got a pleasant surprise running into two furry friends waiting for the doors to open.  Hung with them for most of the show, but inside met another kinky friend and then one of our communities nicest dominatrixes (is that an oxymoron?).  Hung with her the rest of the show too (she knows the security guard there on first name basis so we hoped to get in backstage but no luck there). 

Felt like the old man in the crowd (I swear no older than 39!) until I began to see a few guys and gals my age.  But even with the young crowd dominating I was by far the kinkiest guy in the hall. So lots of pix, a few gropes and a healthy dose of compliments during the evening.  

Waited 90 minutes for show to start but ears were already ringing by that point.  The crowd went wild!   Del Marquis came in semi-tight black semi-shiny pants and stayed "cool" the entire performance.  Ana Matronic came out in a kinky red vinyl skirt and top outfit.  Jake first came out in a black and grey combo that wasn't all that hot to me, at least not until the top came off. Omg is he built, but the suit was too complex and not very tight and that my eye kept focusing the parts of the upper body that were quite visible and not the suit.  Not a bad thing!  

ready for the long drive into town

After the first few numbers I could tell it was going to be a really good show. Good strong beats and great energy.  About half way through came first Jake wardrobe change, a hot red vinyl combo in jeans and pocket vest.  I almost wore my red latex lace-up pants and red rubber top to the show.  Risk: upstaging the band.  Benefit:  might have gotten noticed by the band!  We'll never know.  Anyway he looked hot.  Then the vest came off and it was rather obvious that red dye had stained his chest red!  Kinda devilish I thought, tho I doubt it was planned that way.

I freely admit that even at my mature age I succumbed to the iPhone camera glut, taking pix almost constantly, punctuated by twitter updates.  Part of that is "new toy" syndrome having got the phone only a month ago.  The camera is very good but had some trouble with motion and the red pants tended to flare in the camera. Still got some good pix, tho not publication quality.

Fav tune was "Running Out" cause Jake looks hot running in step.  Recordings of this can be seen on YouTube.  For the encore we got Ana in a lovely flowing white dress and sash, and Jake in a fairly tame outfit I've seen on videos, until the final number when he came out in a very sexy outfit with horns and silver jock/cup/harness.  Didn't get many good pix of it tho.

Show ends, Friends go home, I linger, ending up at the bus waiting for the band, who left town straight away for New Orleans.  Never done that, waiting for the band (I don't normally hang on celebrity but did help Cyndi Lauper back on stage once a few years ago, my one fleeting brush with fame).  Didn't really want to do the whole autograph thing either but by the time Jake got through graciously working the crowd of thirty or so stragglers I gave in and asked for autograph and pic (which chopped off the top of my head).  We chatted for a few minutes, even had a laugh about the red staining, and then it was time to go home and sleep it off.  

Got in the car and my ears were still ringing something crazy.  Was too tired to undressed by the time home so jumped into bed fully rubbered with my mates, but had some trouble sleeping.  Felt good to wake up hard to a sweaty rubber outfit, tho, and start think about my next crazed rubber adventure . .  


  1. You must have had great seats to get such good pics on your phone!
    Stay Rubbered!

  2. Standing room only! We were all on our feet the entire show.