26 October 2011

Rubber Games We Play

Screen Shot from "Rubber Knife Throw HD" app for iPad (and iPhone) 

I don't normally go in for video games.  I sometimes use word games to idle a few minutes away and take a brain break but when I check the App Store at Apple I occasionally check for discretionary theme apps.  Last night I searched "rubber" not really expecting much as I already have Recon uploaded.   "Rubber Knife Throw" came up and the tiny app icon was curious enough to warrant opening the app description.   Lo and behold, the game features a hot guy in tight leather (?) pants and tank top pinned on a rotating wheel ready to be a target for your less-than-accurate virtual knife throws, as in circus magician carny acts.  It also allows you to choose a scantily clad female assistant but you might guess my choice.  I wonder about the guy (?) who wrote this app and what he must have been thinking and sort of things he might be interested in.  I make no endorsement either way on the game itself - it is free - but do plan to make some use of that assistant on cold winter nights.  It would not be knife throwing if I had more control over the game but maybe we can interest some gamer in rewriting this one for some oh lets say dungeon activities?  Maybe someone has done something like that already?  If anyone knows please leave a comment!

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