07 November 2018

The Art of Rubber Men 2

More selfies from our tours of Art Museums since 1999.  Most are self-explanatory.  Most folks are respectfully silent but a few have offered compliment along the way.  The long stares of the youngsters are hilarious!  When I can remember any comments I will post here.

ABOVE:  Houston Sculpture Gardens

life imitates art . . . 

ABOVE:  London: Tate Modern, British Museum

ABOVE:  Louvre
ABOVE:  Glyptotech Munich

ABOVE:  NYC: Guggenheim

ABOVE: Phila. Art Museum

ABOVE:  San Francisco Exploratorium, Cable Cars (works of art for sure) and DeJong

ABOVE: Stockholm (read the sign closely!)

ABOVE: Dali Museum somewhere in Spain I think.  A fitting place for those pants . . .  

ABOVE:  more from street art in Chicago.   
Life imitating art again.  Next time you see me, just give me a nice long pat on the ass....

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