03 November 2018

The Art of Rubber Men

As I was selecting our registration package for MIR this year, I could not help but be amused and delighted that this year the event is going to the Art Museum in Chicago for dinner and part of the program.  Well, it is about time!  My partner and I have been visiting art galleries world wide for more than 20 years now, serving as (uninvited) living performance exhibits as we go.  What better place to show off men in latex than an Art Museum, especially if you have a hot rubber ass.  A guy in a tight shiny latex outfit can well be mistaken for a black granite statue from antiquity.  More than one art patron has been startled when I moved suddenly while examining a work, thinking I might be part of the exhibit.  A well fitted latex outfit is quite artistic, accentuating the male form, and many manufactures of latex take advantage of that to show off their patrons in some truly spectacular outfits (Texas Latex Party, Vex, Ectomorph, etc.).

Naturally we try to be more stylish when attending a Gallery, but we can also be more edgy and even occasionally veer on the kinky side of the spectrum.  Below are some selfies taken while touring art museums and becoming stealth exhibits over the past 2 decades.

ABOVE:  Rijksmuseum & Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

ABOVE: Berlin Museuminsel (Museum Island)

ABOVE:  Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao
(including Yoho Ono's message tree) 

ABOVE: Albright-Knox, Buffalo

ABOVE: Art Institute and various outdoor pieces, Chicago

I will add London, Paris, Stockholm and others tomorrow!

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